The Šunik water grove


The Water Hurst of Šunik is one of the pearls of Triglav National Park. You will be charmed by small waterfalls and emerald green pools of Lepenica stream. These sights are paradise for relaxation and great photos.


Circular forest trail goes along the stream of Lepenica, which is known as the fountain of positive energy. Its water drops, full of life, release special frequencies with positive effect on our brains.

Our brains are, by definition, pretty interesting stuff. A mass of fat and other tissue that weighs a little over one kilo, processes, manages and stores information. At the same time, it regulates our body temperature, controls our breathing and eye blinking, tells our hand how to hold a pen and our left leg to outrun the right one. In the brains it’s also saved mum’s recipe for beef soup, instructions to tie shoelaces, taste of granny’s jam, recipe for hiccups, memory of the first kiss and victorious feeling after getting a driver’s licence.


As we all know, a good effect on the brain means relaxation for the whole body. Give yourself this walk through the woods, in the name of well-being.

You will meet rocks overgrown with moss, two charming wooden bridges, maybe some fungus, remnants of the old mill, ruins of the old saw and much more. The greatest joy is to watch the stream jumping over the rocks, creating hundreds of rapids. You can sit down on one of the wooden benches by the trail and enjoy the view of the small waterfalls flowing into the emerald green pools.

waterfalls and pools of lepenica river in šunikov vodni gaj slovenia Lepena