This is one of the MUST visit places in the Soča Valley. If you have never seen Soča before you are probably wondering whether all the photos of it are taken by some enthusiastic Photoshop users. Well many of them were taken on this amazing location so go and see for yourself.


The site is the most spectacular after some rain has showered our land. The holes carved in rocks get full of rainwater which then forms a silky curtain of tiny waterfalls pouring down the gorge’s steep walls, up to 15 meters high.


On a nice sunny warm summer day you can see people sunbathing on the rocks. Some brave individuals might also be swimming in the pools. If temptation is too big join them, but beware – the water is freezing.

Another warning comes to all of you who happen to be passionate paddlers. This part of the river is not suitable to paddle for your own safety. Certain parts of the gorge are very narrow with fast rapids. But you can grab your kayak and paddle from the end of the gorge downstream the Soča river.