No advance payment required, you can pay on the day of your arrival. -Guided tour -Duration - 1 hours ~ 1h20 minutes -2° passenger free -BY SELECTING THIS TOUR, IS INCLUDED: 5 ATV / QUAD, AND MAXIMUM 10 PEOPLE ! -IMPORTANT! BEFORE PROCEEDING WITH THE RESERVATION, PLEASE CONTACT US TO CHECK AVAILABILITY. THANK YOU

  • Category: 1h quad tours, excursion guided tour
  • Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Address: Ledina 1, Bovec, Slovenia (Map)

Price:375 300



To drive a quad, you need to have a license B. 

Passenger age 12+

Included in the priced:

Initial briefing

Quad Bike Rental


ATV driving practice session

Fuel for the tour

Driving insurance 

What to bring with

+ Sportswear

+ Athletic shoes

+ Water bottle